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GeminiJets Airside/Landside Airport Terminal & Mat Set

Airport Terminal (GJARPTB)
$238.95 - Buy It Now!

Airport Mat (GJAPS006 v2)
$94.95 - Buy It Now!

At GeminiJets, we listen to the feedback from our customers on all of our products. Despite the overwhelming success of our initial Airport Terminal (GJARPTA) and mat set (GJAPS004), many customers expressed concern regarding space limitations due to the large footprint of the setup. For this reason, we are introducing a more compact version of both the Terminal and Mat Set in order to satisfy this demand.

This terminal (GJARPTB) and mat (GJAPS006, sold separately) features a more complete airport display including an airside area featuring 5 narrowbody gates, 2 widebody gates, and regional jet parking ramp parking. Additional features include a full-scale multi-level arrivals and departures landside area with elevated roadway and car park. Surrounding the car park area is a full service airport access roadway system. Dimensions of this assembly are approximately 39 x 54 inches.

This compact terminal and mat set can be used in conjunction with the recently released Airport Mat Expansion Set (GJAPS005) for those who want an expanded facility (see expanded photos below). The expanded format will be able to accommodate the Widebody Aircraft Hangar (GJWBHGR) and future planned accessories. The combined expanded assembly measures approximately 77 x 54 inches.

Features of this setup include:


- Pre-constructed single piece contemporary airport terminal.
- Includes 7 moveable passenger air-bridges.
- Airline/corporate logo stickers for customizing air-bridges.
- Interior/rooftop multicolored LED lighting.
- Realistic authentic detailed graphics.
- Multi-level arrivals/departures roadway system.


- Superior quality, durable polystyrene sheets.
- Highly detailed printed graphics, including:
- Scale runway, taxiways, parking areas, access roads, etc.
- Fully accurate airport signage and taxiway/runway markings.
- Full scale car park and airport access roadway system.
- Meets all FAA airport marking requirements, standards, and separation minima.
- Much, much more!

Please enjoy some photos of the terminal and mat:

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