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Introducing the new Gemini airport mat!

GeminiJets is pleased to announce our new and improved airport mat set! Made up of six panels measuring 28 by 40 inches each, for a total of nearly 47 square feet of space, our new airport mat is as real as it gets!

Some of the exciting features of the new 1:400 scale airport mat include:

Superior quality, durable polystyrene sheets.
Compatible with upcoming 1:400 scale terminal buildings and accessories.
Highly detailed printed graphics, including:
   - Scale runways, taxiways, parking areas, access roads, etc.
   - Fully accurate airport signage and taxiway/runway markings.
   - Accurate approach lighting systems.
Meets all FAA airport marking requirements, standards, and separation minima.
Parking areas for 3 ultra wide body (A380, A340-600), 8 wide body, and 11 narrow body aircraft.
Much, much more!

Additionally, on the reverse side of the layout, a fully detailed 1:250 scale airport mat, with most of the same features listed above, is included. Varying features include:

Initial parking areas for 3 ultra wide body (A380, A340-600), 3 wide body, and 7 narrow body aircraft.

Below you will find detailed photos of the 1:400 scale airport mat. Please click on the small photo for a larger, high resolution view!

A note to customers who purchased the original airport mat...

For those customers who purchased our original 9 piece polypropylene airport mat set, we regret to inform you that this style has been discontinued. Our original intention was to expand upon the first set, however, further market research determined that a complete redesign was necessary.

For those who purchased the first airport mat, the new set does incorporate most of the original layout design. Therefore, if you have designed any of your own additions, these can be used on the new mat set.

Additionally, the old set can still be used for smaller diorama purposes when attending shows or for displays where space is more confined.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our customers.
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